Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birthday card for my Sister-In-Law

While I'm on a roll I will add another card I created a week or so ago. This if for my Sister-In-Law's birthday. (I'd rather just say sister because we are just that close, and she is very special to me)
The Jar is an image by Stamps By Judith, I just love her stamps. You have to go online and see all of her images they are just adorable. Anyway I used other miscellaneous flower stamps and just stamped above the jar and then added my own stems. There are very small gems in the middle of some of the flowers for added bling. Difficult to see in the picture but I think they were a nice added touch.
Thanks for stopping by...hope to update again soon.

Onesie Invitations

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of the Onesie Invitations we made for my niece's baby shower. We used numerous patterns and various trims so that we had a large variety. we needed approximately 60 invitations so we had a little assembly line going, as each one was completed we would all say we loved this one better than the last. Of course we each had our favorite and kept one as a little memento of the fun we had creating them. if you'd like the pattern just type in Onesie in the Gallery and they will pop up...very easy and fun to make.